January 23, 2014

imageI was feeling very nostalgic in London this time. Everything felt over familiar but hazy as well. I went to the RA to see Daumier: Visions of Paris, which was unexpected. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

He uses a technique called conte-jour, which is a form of backlighting. Often in his oil paintings, the background is in sunlight and the foreground is in shadow, the overall effect being very striking to look at. He still manages to create an incredible depth of tone for the figures within the darkness and I ended up finding his work very powerful. Even the subtleties in expressions and movements of the characters he is portraying, are effortlessly conveyed and very touching.

We then crossed over the road, as I always use to do, passing a book shop I always use to visit and down a back street to the White Cube. There was an exhibition on called I’m Running out of World and downstairs the artist had sculpted sort of life size otters as if the floor was the water surface and they were sticking up out of it. One even appeared like he was floating along on his back. They were brilliant and full of humour.

I ended up being stuck in Paddington station for a couple of hours with my off peak ticket but I didn’t mind because it was an extra two hours watching the buzzing city, before heading home to our secluded cottage in Wiltshire.