May 8, 2014

I am in the middle of doing art workshops in schools about dolphins and litter with Whale & Dolphin Conservation (WDC). We are visiting schools around Chippenham, giving a talk and then decorating a plywood dolphin with scrap material. Each workshop has a theme like; Ghost nets, discarded plastics, oil pollution etc and I choose materials that resemble these issues.

It has been a very rewarding experience so far already. Engaging kids in this subject is so important for the future and it is inspiring to see them get it. They understand the need to protect marine life, to recycle and reuse rubbish, so it doesn’t end up in the ocean and I am so proud of them for their concern and appreciation of wildlife.

I’ve learnt that all schools have an Eco council, which I am very excited about! And it feels really good to be part of something that is so worthwhile and does make a difference.


March 24, 2014

Oceana Junior Council Launch @ Phillips, Westminster


On March 12th 2014, Phillips Auction House was my studio for the day. I drew a 7m life size newborn blue whale mural in charcoal as the focal point for a special event raising money for Oceana. Based in New York, Oceana is the biggest ocean conservation organization in the world.



Newton Faulkner performing a set in front of my drawing


Alexandra Cousteau speaking about her grandfather

Charcoal Whales at mums new house
With all the high ceilings and a very encouraging mother, I just couldn’t resist!
Blue Whale
mural blue

North Atlantic Right Whale
mural right

Art and Conservation

February 23, 2014

My masters course taught me that art & conservation or art & science, can be combined. It was such a revelation because it meant that I could combine my two passions and create the perfect job.

Growing up at school, they were separate subjects. As I moved through education, it came to a point where I had to make a choice between art and science, which I found really hard. Throughout my time in London at art school, I dipped into subjects I found most interesting, so my work became about the natural environment and our relationship with it. Studying art allowed me to carry out research to inform my practice.

And then I moved to Cornwall and studied MA Art & Environment. It was so exciting to be around like minded people who were all drawn to the sea. Surfers, Phd students, artists, scientists, conservationists, photographers, film makers, all under one roof and on one beach. I realized, more fully from then on, through conversations and collaborations, that all subjects are intrinsically linked.

I found my new work to be very reliant on science, the tides and some artistic skill. Creating the temporary, life size whale drawings, prompted questions, thoughts and discussions about whales. The first step towards conserving them. The drawings really do seem to educate and raise awareness about different species, how big they are and most importantly for me, their population. I seem to have stumbled onto creating a form of art that is many things and has many functions. I will soon be selling the drawings as printed cards and posters to raise money for marine conservation of whales & dolphins, which is another way the work can actually contribute to a cause other than art.

I also take part in art auctions, raising money for environmental organisations, along with exhibitions about conservation.


January 29, 2014

I recently spent the day printing and packaging my prints. It has taken a while leading up to this moment and in the process, I have gained a new found respect for small businesses!

Sourcing materials takes a really long time. I wanted the best quality, that looks good, lasts long and is as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Particularly with the Fine Art prints, I wanted them to be protected so they could be taken away without getting damaged but I wanted to do this without the use of plastic packaging. In the end I settled on 100% recycled board, butt jointed tubes for the panoramic prints. They have a wide diameter so that the print isn’t rolled too tightly and there is no need for plastic plugs! They can also be recycled again with zero waste. The prints are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper for added care to the image before they are inserted in the tube. I’ve always found that these added touches, even the small ones, go a long way.



The A3 size prints were a little trickier. I couldn’t find tubes the right length that also had a wide diameter so I have chosen to use Kraft, recycled board envelopes. They are 450gsm thick, which doesn’t bend and fits the prints shape perfectly. They are Peel & Seal with rip strip opening for ease so its all good! I did want to pull my hair out after hours searching online, but I think it has been worth the extra effort.



They are all finished with their edition number, title and my signature along the bottom edge. Hope you like them!


January 23, 2014

imageI was feeling very nostalgic in London this time. Everything felt over familiar but hazy as well. I went to the RA to see Daumier: Visions of Paris, which was unexpected. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did.

He uses a technique called conte-jour, which is a form of backlighting. Often in his oil paintings, the background is in sunlight and the foreground is in shadow, the overall effect being very striking to look at. He still manages to create an incredible depth of tone for the figures within the darkness and I ended up finding his work very powerful. Even the subtleties in expressions and movements of the characters he is portraying, are effortlessly conveyed and very touching.

We then crossed over the road, as I always use to do, passing a book shop I always use to visit and down a back street to the White Cube. There was an exhibition on called I’m Running out of World and downstairs the artist had sculpted sort of life size otters as if the floor was the water surface and they were sticking up out of it. One even appeared like he was floating along on his back. They were brilliant and full of humour.

I ended up being stuck in Paddington station for a couple of hours with my off peak ticket but I didn’t mind because it was an extra two hours watching the buzzing city, before heading home to our secluded cottage in Wiltshire.

Greetings cards coming soon!

January 18, 2014


I am currently designing a series of greetings cards, which will be for sale here on the website and at special events.

Greetings card a4

This Year

December 27, 2013

The biggest change for us this year has been Bear. Our gorgeous chocolate Spaniel, Labrador X. Well, he actually arrived at the end of last year and it felt like I’d had a child overnight. I was, all of a sudden, responsible for another living thing and no one warns you how life altering it can be! He is of course a BIG tie, a financial strain, complete liability and probably bad timing, but we love him to bits…everyone does.


Whalefest 2014 Brighton,14-16 March

December 21, 2013

Whalefest is the biggest whale festival in the world, attracting global whale organizations & charities to come and talk about these awesome creatures! I will have a stand to showcase and sell my work. Very exciting!


November 15, 2013

We got back from Cornwall late on Sunday night after a great holiday. We went to see the seal colony at Godrevy and had dinner in our old local pub with some friends. The next morning we walked the dog in Flushing, his favourite place.


We had lunch at the Pandora Inn and sat out on the jetty. It was really calm and not too cold to sit outside, in November! Then went to Kynance Cove where I hadn’t been for at least a year.

A lovely weekend back where we use to live and a good dose of salty sea air.

Latest Drawing

November 14, 2013

Third largest in the world. The Sei Whale, completing a series of drawings I have made of all the endangered and vulnerable whales. Next I will be working on Threatened Species and then moving on to Endangered subspecies. This is quickly becoming a life’s work and it may take a lifetime too! Sei4